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startLocation for Category picker

Question asked by bimsimala on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2012 by cfox570
in share i have a data list of a custom content type. The type has property (defined through an aspect) of type d:category.

In alf Explorer->Category management i defined some categories, i.e.:

Cat A
   Cat A.B
      Cat A.B.1
      Cat A.B.2

I want the user to be able choose from children of Cat A.B

The form options for this field are defined like this:
<field id="pi:itservicecategories" label-id="label.pi_thecategories" description="the category" set="info">
   <control template="/path/to/category.ftl">
      <control-param name="multipleSelectMode">false</control-param>
      <control-param name="startLocation">alfresco://category/root/Cat A/Cat A.B</control-param>
      <control-param name="parentNodeRef">/Cat A/Cat A.B</control-param>

How to define the startLocation and parentNodeRef correctly. I', always getting errors cannot read children of null.