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Alfresco authentication ticket for external web app

Question asked by ericnk on Sep 12, 2011

Is there a way to acquire the current share -> alfresco authentication ticket within a custom share page using Freemarker?  I've seen numerous other posts that indicate you don't need to get the ticket because of the available share -> alfresco authentication proxy servlet.  That might work in most other cases, but not in this instance.  I still need it.  I'm attempting to leverage our current web app development investment by creating a custom page in share that acts as a portal to another web application (similar to the web view dashlet, but as a custom page instead and no configure option).  The external web app needs to be able to use the same authentication credentials as the original share login so that it can act in a SSO capacity as well as present the appropriate available options according to the role of the logged in share user.  Any ideas, suggestions or comments are much appreciated.  I look forward to any replies.  Thank you.