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Alfresco restart breaks URL tickets

Question asked by geoffr on Sep 13, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by nareshthota005
I have noticed that restarting the Alfresco service has the result that links to resources (from the Moodle 2.1 virtual learning environment) using authentication tickets in the URL, no longer work. i.e. the tickets are no longer valid.

Is there any way to make these tickets persistent through Alfresco restarts?

This is essential for Moodle-Alfresco integration to work, at least as currently implemented. It is a common use-case that a teacher will link to resources/files that they own in Alfresco but requires other users (students) to be able to view/access the link. The ticket system provides a neat way to do this, but only if the tickets are persistent (i.e. don't expire).

Many thanks