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lucene index question

Question asked by patmandenver on Sep 13, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by andy
lucene index question

I am currently using alfresco 3.4.d
I have an nfs server that contains the content store and the lucene index
and another server that contains tomcat running alfresco and alfresco share.

I am planning on changing my set up to a Simple repository clustering
as shown at

I have a few questions on the lucene indexes.
I tried to set up a new alfresco server with its own lucene index.  I copied
the index from my original server but it never worked I had to remove it and
let the server rebuild its own index. 

Is there a procedure to avoid this index rebuild? 
Is it better to do a new lucene rebuild on a new server?

Also I did not set up L2 Cache on the new server with JGroups as pointed out
I believe this resulted in the indexes getting out of sync.  If I uploaded a file on one server
the 2nd server never was able to see it.  

Without L2 cache set up will the index on the 2nd server ever re-sync? 
If I set up L2 cache now will the 2nd server sync up correctly?