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Search must performed 2 times to get the complete list

Question asked by wmay on Sep 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by andy
I have the problem that i often have to search 2 times to get the complete result list - the first time when i perform the search - only a quick search using a single word which should bring back a longer result list e.g. 200 document hits.

When i search the first time i get only a single document as result and then when i perform the search a second time i get the full and i would say correct search result list with all documents. This happens only when the search result is a longer list of documents.

When i then do this search again and again with the same search criteria - the result is allways ok and also faster then the first time - so it seems to be cached. But when i try a new word which also should bring back a longer hit list - very often the same happens - first search - no result or only one document and then the second try the complete list.

It seems that there is a timeout and the seach or fill the result list is cancled and then in the background the old search is cache and so when i try this search a second time it is in the cache and i get the full list.

There is no "error" message or something else to inform the customer - what happens - this is a problem which makes the user uncertain because he knows that there are multiple results but they do not come up and when he tries it a second time the result is different like before.

Is there any parameter and setting what can be changed or tuned so that this does not happens and that all the complete or the same result list comes up with each search ?

Thank you for your help and comments.