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Add fields to user profile Alfresco

Question asked by amolina on Sep 15, 2011

I'm trying to add new fields to user profile but i can´t.  I want to add a new field called "instantmsg2". I looked at all occurrences of the field that already exists "instantmsg" and I modify following files:

- contentModel.xml
- person.lib.ftl
- userprofile.get.html.ftl

The problem I have is that whenever the field value I get is always "null".

I have checked that the attribute "instantmsg2" appears as a new element in the "profile" througt the next API call:


but although I change the value of that field from the user profile in Alfresco Share, it is always "null" and I don´t understand why.

When I verify in file "userprofile.get.html.ftl" that the new parameter "instantmsg2" exists:

<#if profile.instantMsg2?? && profile.instantMsg2?length!=0>
<div class="row">
<span class="fieldlabelright">${msg("label.instantMsg2")}:</span>
<span class="fieldvalue">${profile.instantMsg2?html}</span>
<#assign email2=profile.instantMsg2>

never enter in the condition (since "profile.instantMsg2" is always null), and thus I never paint the right value for my parameter "instantMsg2".

Someone had added fields to the Alfresco user profile? What exactly can I do?