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FreeMarker question [Solved]

Question asked by michaelc on Sep 16, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by michaelc
I am doing some basic testing - trying to understand.

I added the following to the invite email script
<#list args?keys as arg>

because I wanted to see all the parameters - seems logical
but this throws an error
Expression args[arg] is undefined on line 18 column 12
so what did I not understand ?\
complete FTL
<#assign inviterPersonRef=args["inviterPersonRef"]/>
<#assign inviterPerson=companyhome.nodeByReference[inviterPersonRef]/>
<#assign inviteePersonRef=args["inviteePersonRef"]/>
<#assign inviteePerson=companyhome.nodeByReference[inviteePersonRef]/>

Hello ${["cm:firstName"]},

You have been invited by ${["cm:firstName"]} ${["cm:lastName"]} to join the CESR '${args["siteName"]}' site.

Your role in the site will be ${args["inviteeSiteRole"]}.

To accept this invitation click the link below.

  CESR Website Team
<#list args?keys as arg>