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dynamic collections 200 item limit and error

Question asked by tmath1 on Sep 17, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2011 by bremmington

I recently upgraded to 3.4.4 from 3.4 to take advantage of various performance upgrades specifically around was. Btw great job with performance updates. One of the features that was very attractive and necessary was for dynamic collections to return more than 200 items.  This was supposedly updated in 3.4.1.  However I was disappointed that I'm not able to get collections of more than ~ 120 + items.

please help. I'm going live with our site and I need this feature on our news archives pages. I might be missing a updated jar file or some Lucene configuration to handle more than 200 items.  I get a null pointer error when I set my number of items in my collections to ~120 or more.