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Atacar a otro servidor produce error de login.

Question asked by sidi on Mar 27, 2008
Hola comunidad:
Publiqué esta incidencia en el foro wiki pero no obtengo respuesta, ¿alguno de vosotros puede orientarme?.

I've develop few java programs in Eclipse to bring to Alfresco 700.000 documents using web-services, probably best method will be using FTP, but that program is going to be used to keep loading documents later in slower rate.
The thing is that testing the program in localhost goes wonderfull. But when I change the pointing to the production server and change de user and pasword, when calling CML methods guives login erros. Having a look to the cml string parameters I observe that destination is still "localhost", so I´m wondering if its necesary to do something else than just change de webserviceclient.prop.
Any idea?
Best Regards.