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How to apply Policy on Space

Question asked by nikes on Sep 20, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2011 by nikes

Is it possible to apply policy on Folder for any upload or update of Content within it?

Well, I know Alfresco provides rules for update, upload, delete of content etc..  but In our case we need dynamic rules on folders.

Brief on my requirement and the reason I looking for Folder policies

1. We have an Alfresco portlet displayin folders, contents in Tree view.
2. User should be able to subscribe to space so he can receive email notification for any upload, update of content within it.
     For subscription I am using cm:subscribable aspect, so persons can be asoosciated to space.
3. For email notification I am not sure about the solution yet.

Something like Folder policy for cm:subscribable aspect, for any upload, update of content, get persons from association list, get email id and send notification with email template.