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First Post Disappears in Discussions section

Question asked by david_dutremble on Sep 20, 2011
As the title mentions, I am having trouble with the discussion section of the Alfresco Share software.

I go through the following steps:
1. Create a Discussion (add title, text for the first posting)
2. Log out.
3. Go to a different computer than the one the discussion was created on.
4. Log in to Alfresco Share.
5. Go in the Discussions section.
6. Find that the first post, along with the title, disappeared.

I also cannot see the first post of some of the other discussions that other people created.

Therefore, if I log on Alfresco Share on any other computer, the first post of a discussion along with the title will not appear. The title of the discussion will be renamed to title.generic (which I only know because of the ''Site Activity'' section when people reply to my message).

When I log on Alfresco on the original computer where I created the discussion, I see all the posts. This leads me to believe that there is a problem with permissions or something along those lines.

Additionnal information:
    Windows 7 Enterprise is installed on all the computers
    I am using Firefox on all the computers as the internet browser
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!