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Restricting External Users in some core functionalities

Question asked by subhamay on Sep 22, 2011
We are in course of building a Document Management System through Alfresco 3.4 for a collaborative Drawing & Document repository for an Engineering project . We will ask external users ( not from our Company)  to upload & download documents in our Company Space accessed through public IP. Our requirements are :
1. Users will only upload & download documents in a given space say., Company Home > Space
2. Users should not, I repeat, should not have any access to "My Alfresco" and "My Space". I will be happy if user explorer interface don't have any  Sidebar and Toolbar at all.
3. The external users will be invited to contribute directly into the Space.

I could find any solution for the issue in this forum.
So far we couldn't achieve the configuration ourselves. Any help?