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Web-Script search - sort the search by custom content fields

Question asked by wmay on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by ivanatap
Is it possible to use the Web-script search to perform a search and to get back the result sorted by custom content fields ? We only where able to run such a search and to sort the result by the "Standard fields" but not to sort by own defined custom content fields.

e.g. With the Share search i can select by which field the sort of the search result should performed - but is it possible to configure it to be able to select there and sort by custom content field or only by these standard fields ?

Is there any way to do this? What has to be done to be able to search and to get back a sorted list using custom fields.

This would be an important feature special when there are a large number of results. as far as i know there are also restrictions with the lucene search to get back "all" hits / documents from the repository - when there is no sorting and i get only back e.g. 250 hits from e.g. 10.000 possible results - i never know what i get back and so i maybe can not find my documents what is search for.

Thank you for your comments and help