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Inconsistent search results via CMIS

Question asked by marcus.svensson on Sep 26, 2011
We have a custom data model where we have introduced several new subtypes to cm:folder; custom:activity and custom:folder. We have created a new Space Template in the folder "Data Dictionary/Spaces Templates" looking like this.
Activity (custom:activity)
- FolderA (custom:folder)
- FolderB (custom:folder)
- FolderC (custom:folder)

Our problem rises when we create CMIS queries to find subfolders to an Acitivty like this:
SELECT f.cmis:objectId, f.cmis:name FROM custom:folder AS f WHERE f.cmis:name = 'FolderA'

The expected result from the above query should be one FolderA for each created space based on the template plus one FolderA for the one that exists inside Spaces Templates.
When running the above query from the node-browser in alfresco everything looks as expected. We get the number of results that we expect. However when we use the same query using the CMIS api (eg. the OpenCMIS browser included with Alfresco), only the folder in Space Templates shows up.

Anyone have an idea of why this is happening?