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Windows 7 Client and CIFS

Question asked by jsonnabend on Sep 26, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2011 by resplin
I am in the middle of transitioning my law practice to Alfresco.  Alfresco is installed and running an an XP-SP2 server.  CIFS is configured and running.  I can access my Alfresco files via Windows Explorer on my XP clients.  I have one Windows 7 client, however, and I can't access Alfresco via CIFS on that machine.

On the Win7 client I can ping the Alfresco virtual host, and I can navigate to a blank host window in Windows Explorer.  When I try to navigate to "<serverA>\alfresco", I get a "Windows cannot access" error.

Anyone see and solve his problem before?  I have searched the forums and seen discussions but no solutions.


- Jeff