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Alfresco share roles and permission sets

Question asked by abhashree on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2011 by sanket
Hi All,
I want to create a knowledge management site in alfresco share.For the site I have to create five types of roles Admin,Knowledge contributor,power user,internal users and external users for alfresco share.
All the user has different  access rights on different functionalities like suppose for document upload functionality the users having admin role   has no privilege ,and the users having power user role have the right of read ,write and modify.
The users having admin role have privilege of (add,view,modify and delete ) functionality for role wise security maintenance(assigning access rights to the roles).and he power user ,external user,internal user has no privilege.
Like this way every role has different type of access right for different functionality.
Please guide me to achieve my requirements.
Also guide me to how to create new roles with help of SDK because I don't want to override  the default core files in alfresco.
I am using alfresco3.4d  in linux environment.
Kindly help me to meet my requirement.

Thanks in advance