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Reusing ws:image in custom content model - import error

Question asked by sam1980 on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2011 by sam1980
In my custom content model I'd like to create associations to content of type ws:image (As this type is given to all uploaded images in WQS). In order to accomplish this I try to import the model definition by <import uri="" prefix="ws"> and later reference the ws:image in my own content type definition. However this fails during start up with the message "Namespace ws is not mapped to a namespace URI". Imports of other Alfresco content model works as expected.

My own model definition is registered in tomcat/shared/extension. Is not the website-model available at this point in time?

Should I instead maybe create my own image type? If so, how to prevent the WQS machinery to automatically set the type to ws:image on all uploaded images?

Grateful for any insights on the subject.