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Dynamic Asset Collections are not updated

Question asked by lemmy on Sep 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by aussen2

I'm using dynamic asset collection and they are not updated.

There is a folder 'pictures' which contains pictures I want to display. Let's assume it contains 5 files. I've an asset collection with the following attributes:

Name: PictureCollection
Title: Pics
Query Language: cmis-alfresco
Query: SELECT d.* from cmis:document as d WHERE in_folder('${section:pictures}')
Maximum Size: 50
Minutes To Query Refresh: 1

After creating the collection the 5 files contained in the pictures-folder are correctly displayed. After adding a 6th file to this folder the collection is not updated.

When changeing folders name and updating the collection accordingly the 6th file is included.

But I guess this is not the intended behaviour.

Am I missing anything???