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Alfresco 4 with CIFS and Active Directory

Question asked by bkildow on Sep 30, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by msalihg
I recently did an install of Alfresco 4.a nightly on a Mac server. I have configured active directory auth, sync, and cifs. I'm able to log into cifs via another Mac, but from Windows (XP), I get the following when I connect to a network place via \\<server-ip>\alfresco.

11:32:19,854 DEBUG [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] Mapped client /<my-client-ip-address> to domain null
11:32:19,855 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver] Open authenticate session to [<my-domain>\<my-dc-host-name>:<my-dc-host-ip>:Online:24,Fri Sep 30 11:32:04 EDT 2011]
11:32:19,859 DEBUG [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] Passthru sessId=26, auth ctx=[NTLM,Challenge=f77d7530e38cce8a]
11:32:19,861 DEBUG [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] Null CIFS logon allowed, sess = T25
11:32:19,866 DEBUG [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] Using Write transaction
11:32:19,867 ERROR [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] org.alfresco.jlan.smb.SMBException: Invalid parameter
11:32:31,211 DEBUG [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] Closed auth session, sessId=26

Any ideas on what could be causing this?