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Unique objectId for different document versions?

Question asked by adamwilmer on Oct 4, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2011 by adamwilmer
The CMIS 1.0 spec says

Note: When a document is versioned, each version of the document is a separate document object. Thus, for document objects, an object ID actually identifies a specific version of a document."

so when I make a query "SELECT * FROM cmis:document" and then upload a new version of a document and rerun that query I'd expect the result row for that document to have the same cmis:versionSeriesId but a new cmis:objectId. However, each time a new version is uploaded I always get the same cmis:objectId (identical to cmis:versionSeriesId) although I can see cmis:versionLabel/cmis:contentStreamId etc changing correctly. This is with openCMIS v0.4.0 running against Alfresco v4.0.a. Is this a known issue with the Alfresco CMIS implementation?