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Alfresco 4.0a Warn (two warnings)

Question asked by vmustafayev on Oct 6, 2011
I have installed alfresco 4.0a but when I start tomcat I see 2 warn in log trace:
WARN  [extensions.webscripts.DeclarativeRegistry] Unable to register script classpath:webscripts/org/springframework/extensions/cmis/content.get.desc.xml due to error: 09060000 Web Script document org/springframework/extensions/cmis/content.get.desc.xml is attempting to define the url '/cmis/content:GET' already defined by org/alfresco/cmis/client/content.get.desc.xml
WARN  [alfresco.util.AbstractTriggerBean] Job ehCacheTracerJob is not active/enabled
WARN  [alfresco.util.OpenOfficeConnectionTester] An initial OpenOffice connection could not be established.
First warn shown in <domain:port>/alfresco/service/index too :( What is goes wrong?