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Content locking between Explorer and CIFS

Question asked by mlagneaux on Oct 7, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by mlagneaux

I currently use Alfresco Community 3.2r.
I have configured it to be able to use CIFS and manage content locking.
See (I've modified network-protocol-context.xml).

When two users are concurrently accessing the same file via CIFS, content locking works well: the second user is in read-only mode.

But, content locking doesn't work properly in the following case:
- The user 1 opens a document via CIFS;
- User 2 makes a check out of the same document in Explorer;
- User 2 updates the working copy and makes the check in Explorer;
- The user 1 updates a document, save and close.

In this case, you lose the changes made by the user 2.

As a matter of act, I have the following questions:
- Is this a bug?
- Is Alfresco 3.2r able to manage content locking with users using Explorer and users using CIFS, NFS or FTP?
- Is Alfresco 3.2r only able to manage content locking with users using CIFS, NFS or FTP (which seems to be mentioned in the Wiki page I have provided above)?

Thank you in advance for your answers.