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alfresco share search customisation

Question asked by abhashree on Oct 7, 2011
Hi All,
I want to add a comment count  property to the  documents and along with that  After searching,  the search result of the document should have a comment button.
Button label will displayed by appending the commentCount property of the document.

Clicking  event handler is attached for each search result. Clicking on the The event handler calls getUserInput of PopupManager.
OK and cancel handler function is passed to the getUserInput function.
OK handler is calling Add comment (the same as the add comment present in below of a viewed document )
Comment will be passed as Jason dataObject Depending on the execution success, message will be displayed.
On Success  the metadata should be called  storage web script  to update the commentCount count property.
Page is refreshed once all call are done.
Please help me to find the solution.

Thanks in advance,