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alfresco 4: cifs not working

Question asked by phillse on Oct 9, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2011 by mrogers

I have run the windows-32bit-setup.exe on a WinXP 32bit  computer earliert today. The installation took a while but it went through. I can login into the web via\share bzw. only from the computer where alfresco is running on. I can add news users, new sites via the web. I can upload files.

But I:

- can not open the webpage ( from another pc in the same network.
- can not get access via iPad
- can not find a share "alfresco" in the windows network to use cifs. I can open other shares on the computer where alfresco is running.

I am google'ing for hours now but I guess version 4 is brand new. I have watched some YouTube movies but they are pointing to older versions.

Maybe someone can give me hint or link where I can find the anwers for my problems.

I appreaciate your help.