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Groups / Roles / Document Access ?

Question asked by kcpo on Oct 10, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2011 by joepowers
Hello guys,

I m just discovering Alfresco, I've installed the latest package and browsed the online documentation but I'm not sure about Alfresco features regarding roles/group and documents.

My requirement is simple, I need to create 3 users groups :

- Administrator
- "Super Managers"
- "Managers"
- Simple Users

"Super Managers" should be able to share Documents with "Managers group" and individual users that belong to "Simple Users group"
"Managers" should be able to share documents with "Manager group" and  users that belong to "Simple Users group"

Beside this I would like to allow deletion operation on the documents only by owners and member of the same group (>= "Manager")

I dont know if it's possible with alfresco out of the box, and I would appreciate any feedback, tutorial or everything that could help !

Thank you