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Community 4.0a can't extract some ACP files

Question asked by mozg31337 on Oct 11, 2011
Hello everyone.

I was wondering if anyone can help me with extracting ACP file that i've created in Community 3.4d. Basically, i've got four sites with documents ranging from 80mb per site to about 10gb. I've exported the contents of the documentLibrary folders of those sites individually into four ACP files. I've installed community 4.0a on a different server with default settings and recreated four sites. Next, i've imported those four ACP files into documentLibrary folder of the newly created sites. Two smaller files (80mb and 600mb in size) have been successfully unpacked. However, two other files (4.5gb and 9.8gb in size) haven't been unpacked. I've monitored the alfresco.log file and do not see any errors or warnings. I've also monitored the server activity while the importing was talking place and I could see disk i/o and heavy CPU utilisation for about an hour after importing the large files. However, the contents are not extracted and i simply see those two files sitting in my documentLibrary folder.

Is there a way to manually extract those files once they've been uploaded? Or perhaps by using a CLI command which should give me more information on what's going on while the import is taking place?

Thanks for your help