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Error repeating in log after triggering a timer

Question asked by mlagneaux on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2011 by zladuric

I am currently facing the following problem on Alfresco 3.2r.

I developed a workflow with a task in which a mail is sent when triggering a timer. This mail is based on a template in the data dictionary.

In one specific case, I got an error "Error during processing of the template." I was able to correct the problem by modifying the template and the workflow definition but the problem is that, for the specific case that first generated the error, the message is repeated endlessly in the log.

Searching in SQL tables of Alfresco, I have found different solutions to solve my problem. But I didn't find documentation on the subject and wanted to know which was the best and if it will not cause other problems later.

In the table jbpm_job, I found the record that matches the code Alfresco tries to execute all the time. I could fix my problem in 3 different ways:
- Setting RETRIES_ 1-0;
- Setting ISSUSPENDED_ from 0 to 1;
- Deleting the record.

What is the best solution?