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Assistance with configuring Alfresco 5.0d via AWS

Question asked by darkrealm12 on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by michael_s
Hi guys,

I would like to request some assistance with configuring Alfresco on AWS. I have launched an Alfresco Community Bitnami AMI, and attempted to set up the security groups and all that. However, once the instance launched and I attempted to browse the application by using the public IP I assigned, I get an error:

Your application is not available

Your application may not be available for many reasons:
•If you just launched the server, please wait a few minutes for the application to deploy. It is common behavior for Java applications.
•Your application may not be working properly. Please check the application log file.
This page will automatically refresh every 15 seconds until the application is available.

Would someone be able to provide some insight as to what could be missing from this?