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Model Properties localized labels

Question asked by castgroupteam on Jul 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by castgroupteam
Hi, is it possible to retrieve type and aspect's property titles (labels) through cmis with the correct localization text?
I've registred my content model with a message bundle and all is working fine within Alfresco Share but if I try to integrate an external application throug the Apache OpenCmis libraries, even setting the correct locale, when I am opening the cmis session:

         cmisParameter.put(SessionParameter.LOCALE_ISO3166_COUNTRY, "IT");
         cmisParameter.put(SessionParameter.LOCALE_ISO639_LANGUAGE, "it");
         cmisParameter.put(SessionParameter.LOCALE_VARIANT, "");

the property.getDisplayName() method always return the value from the EN bundle.
There is a workouround?

The mltext values instead return the correct value based on the session parameters localization properties.

Thanks in advance.