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MS Office Documents remain read only

Question asked by martink on Jan 27, 2016
I've been trying to solve following issue for several hours now but without success.

When a user edits an office document through "Edit Offline" and afterwards uploads a new version of it or cancels editing, the file often (not always) remains read only in Windows Explorer. (In Alfresco Share or Alfresco Explorer the document isn't locked anymore at this point)
Removing the attribute has no effect, it switches back on immediately.
(The files are stored on a network drive)

Alfresco Community  - v4.2.0
MS Office 2010

Possible cause:
According to <a href="">this</a> there's a problem whith property mapping when Protected View is turned on for the Document in Office 2013.

What I've tried:
Deleting the file from within Alfresco Share and restoring it from the Alfresco Recycle Bin. (no success)
Disabling Protected View in Office, editing and uploading the file as new version (no success).
Taking ownership of the file and removing the attribute in Powershell. (no success)
Deleting the file in Alfresco Share and uploading it as new file. (file is no longer in read only mode but version history is also lost)

How can I get rid of the read only attribute without losing the whole version history?
Is there maybe a way to manipulate the attribute through a Web Script? (didn't find anything in the documentation)
Many thanks in advance!