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Workflows not Starting

Question asked by nyorai on Jul 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2013 by nyorai
I'm completely new to Alfresco but I'm really struggling to work out where I'm going wrong with Activiti workflows. I have tried to follow Jeff's simple hello world example and I've created the BPMN file in Eclipse using Activiti Designer fine. I'm using Eclipse Kepler(20130614-0229) with Designer 5.12.0.

Next I copy the BPMN file to Tomcat under shared/classes/activiti/extension and then deploy the workflow through the Workflow Console. This all goes fine.

Next, I try to use the console to start the workflow and I get the following: A system error happened during the operation: 06070071 Failed to start workflow activity$helloWorld:1:704

I'm using Alfresco 4.2 Community Edition on Ubuntu 12.04 Server.

Can anyone help? I've searched and searched and can't find what I'm missing. I really am a complete beginner so I've no idea where to begin.