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aikau logs issue [solved]

Question asked by redraccoon on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by redraccoon

I have trouble with the logs in AIKAU => sometimes they appear, sometime they don't

For example in my main page, I know I have an error, but I have to reload between 1-30 time to make it appear
With an other page, sometime 1/6 of my alflogs work, sometime 6/6

I tought I was a cache problem because everytime I connect my computer the first time it's working, or the first time I switched from chrome to mozilla but, I did all the clear cache in

- /share/page/caches/dependency/clear
- alfresco/page/caches/dependency/clear
- extension mozilla and chrome for full cache clear

I even "reset all" in the share/page/console


So i did a new page with nothing more than logs for see a difference

var urlFilter = "api/workflow-instances";
model.jsonModel = {
         services: [
          { name: "alfresco/services/LoggingService", config: {loggingPreferences: {enabled: true, all: true }}},       

and even with so few code there is a difference check the picture please

So my question is do you have any idea what is wrong ? without the errors I just can't continu my work