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Hide page links for a specific user/group

Question asked by vassilisx on Jan 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by lementree
Hi all,

I am trying to configure the permissions of a share site for a group of external partners. I want these partners to have access just to a certain folder of the document library and not to the wiki, discussion etc.

Setting the correct permissions in the respective repository folders (wiki, blog,…) I manage to hide the content of, say, the blog, but not the <em>link</em> to the blog from the <em>site menu bar</em>. What's more visiting the blog link it returns an error to the user:

"An error occured when retrieving the blog posts"

(see screenshot here:

Is there some way to hide the <em>links</em> to these sections of the site for a specific user / group?

Thanx in advance,