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Alfresco CMIS compatibility

Question asked by lasithc on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by ritesh

I tried few scenarios with Alfresco OpenCMIS extension. What can I see is, this extension has no support to most of the OpenCMIS properties and we need to use their own instead. E.g with extension we can't use cmis:description (OpenCMIS property) instead of we have to use cm:description. So this extension is not backward compatible with CMIS (Open CMIS).

Think about a scenario where I want to use this extension with CMIS compatible repository. Then since we can't use cmis:description with extension, we can't set a description of a document on that CMIS compatible repository. Although we can't use cm:description(alfresco) since our CMIS compatible repository is not compatible with this.

What my point here is it is fine to add your own properties but meanwhile it is better to stay compatible with CMIS properties.