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SMTP Inbound Problem

Question asked by pierre1900 on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by melahn
hello to all,

I'm facing a stange problem.
I activated smtp inbound server on my Alfresco community 5.0.d because I want sent mails to alfresco content (folder). I followed all wiki docs and set up my alfrsco-global.propreties file as expected.

When I test sending mails (using telent) inbound smtp all is fine and at the end of the communication the smtp tels OK.

I see tant email in the folder on which I set up alias aspect. User who send the mail is in email_contriburots group of course.

Whan happens is that when I look into the destination folder I see my mail but with ZERO bytes. I can see the subject that I specified using Telnet but the body is empty. Even if I put in Telnet in DATA command my text.

I'm using IMAP4 to mount points that can be seen in Outlook 2010 and it's working fine. Now when I send the test mail using Telnet (mail which arrives with size of ZERO bytes) all my existing mails, documents in destination folder desapears whan I look in Outlook. In share on Alfresco I can always see all documents it's just in Outlook they deseapears. Now I delete this test mail and in Outlook I can see again the old mails, documents.
Can you drive my how to solve this SMTP problem?

Many thanks