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Show documents using new cmisatom url with a ticket

Question asked by goebel on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by fgjohnson

I need to access and show documents in the browser (jsf application with apache chemistry 0.8 client) which are stored in alfresco. With the old cmis url (alfresco/service/….), I generated a ticket for the user and appended it to the url the cmis client api returned.
However, after changing it to the new one 'alfresco/cmisatom', appending the ticket to the retrieved URL does no longer work.
I found a workaround where I could add a username 'ROLE_TICKET' and the ticket as password in the beginning of the URL 'http://ROLE_TICKET:ticket@localhost:8080/alfresco/' which works fine in google chrome and firefox. However in IE10 it does not work due to security reasons which is quite blocking.

I did a nasty workaround where I copy the document id from the cmisatom URL to an old url where appending the ticket still works. However this method is quite silly and as the old url is depreciated, i will face the same problem in future.

Does anybody know how I can or should change this ?

Thanks for any reply

Georges Goebel