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Gallery view in document library

Question asked by ru73 on Jan 28, 2013
two questions.

1 - is there a way in Gallery view to change the view from "Portrait" to "Landscape"? It appears Alfresco assumes "Portrait", and if images are "Landscape", Alfresco clips off the right side of the thumbnail in Gallery View. I can't attach a screen capture, but the right side of each thumbnail is clipped when the PDF files are saved in "Landscape" mode. If I save them in "Portrait" mode, if doesn't clip them. The easy fix is to re-save all of the PDF files in "Portrait", but I have a lot of them

2 - I have read that the system has problems converting some PDF files into thumbnails. I know if I reduce the file size of my PDF, I can get it to generate a thumbnail. I don't want to do this, because the PDF files are created in Adobe Illustrator, and they are dielines that can be opened 1:1 in Adobe Illustrator. Are there settings that I can use that will allow me to keep my PDF files at their default file size?