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Make one file available within multiple sites

Question asked by theeye on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by vamirr
Hello Community!

I found some topics related to this but they were either outdated or didn't suit me in another way.

I would like to make files available within multiple sites. Let me explain:

File 1 is located in Repository/Background Information

Now I have the sites Marketing and Customer Support. Everybody from the site Marketing and everybody from the site Customer Support should habe access to File 1.
If someone from Marketing makes some changes to File 1, they should apply to "everyone's File 1".

Basically I don't want to copy File 1 into every side and I just need some kind of shortcut for File 1 to be accessible from the sites Marketing and Customer Support.

Information about my System:
<li>Alfresco 4.2c-1
<li>Ubuntu 12.04 (server) - 64bit

Looking forward to your suggestions!