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adding new menu in Select (All,Inverted Selection)

Question asked by chaituu on Feb 2, 2016

I am newbie to the Alfresco.Now my requirement is how to add new menu[All(All pages)] in Select. wherever user perform search function lets say 250 results have found & user selects All in page 1 & its selecting only current page results and not selecting entire 250 records & then user goes page by page can edit the properties for the entire 250 the new functionality if user selects [All(All pages)] then all records should be selected & edit the properties for 250 records at one go.So I want to add new menu with All(All pages) & change the existing menu current labels as All(Current Page).How to achieve this functionality and what files need to changed.How should i know that which files are currently used?Is there any debugger can be used to know the files?