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Issues with database connection

Question asked by augustodelucena on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by augustodelucena
I have been experiencing issues when trying to log in Alfresco (authentication details have not been recognized)

INFO: At least one JAR was scanned for TLDs yet contained no TLDs. Enable debug logging for this logger for a complete list of JARs that were s$
Nov 19, 2015 12:58:28 PM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext startInternal
SEVERE: One or more listeners failed to start. Full details will be found in the appropriate container log file
Nov 19, 2015 12:58:28 PM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext startInternal
SEVERE: Context [/alfresco] startup failed due to previous errors
Nov 19, 2015 12:58:28 PM org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader checkThreadLocalMapForLeaks
SEVERE: The web application [/alfresco] created a ThreadLocal with key of type [com.sun.xml.bind.v2.ClassFactory$1] (value [com.sun.xml.bind.v2$
Nov 19, 2015 12:58:28 PM org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig deployWAR
INFO: Deployment of web application archive /opt/alfresco/tomcat/webapps/alfresco.war has finished in 23,438 ms

I did a bit of research and found out that my issue is related to the initialization of PostgreSQL

~$ sudo service postgresql start
* Starting PostgreSQL 9.4 database server * The PostgreSQL server failed to start. Please check the log output:
2015-12-10 10:09:04 BRST [2618-1] FATAL:  could not access private key file "/etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key": Permission denied

Folder Permissions

~$ ls -la /etc/ssl/private
-rwxrwxrwx 1 postgres postgres 1704 Set  4 11:26 ssl-cert-snakeoil.key

I tried to set folder and file permissions to 0755 and few others parameters but nothing changed.

<b>I was thinking about dropping user/tables in Postgre or even reinstall it as I have Alfresco Bart (backup) and I could try to restore it. Would the recreation of the database scheme fix the issue?</b>

Thanks in advance.