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Automatic events - Superseding not triggering a disposition step

Question asked by chalford on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2013 by rwetherall
I am having difficulty getting automatic events, such as the supersedes relationship event, to trigger a disposition step. My scenario is as follows:

<li>Create a category in the file plan</li>
<li>Create a folder in the category</li>
<li>In the category, add a disposition schedule that triggers a cutoff when the supersedes event is fired</li>
<li>Add two documents in to the folder, and declare them as records</li>
<li>In one of the records, add a supersedes relationship to the other record</li>

The behaviour I would expect would be for the Cutoff button to now be visible on the record folder. It isn't. Instead, if I go to view details on the folder, I can see the supersedes event listed, with the "Complete Event" button next to it. I do not want to manually complete an automatic event, I would like it to fire automatically. The same sequence of events occurs if I add the relationship to a filed document before I declare it as a record.

I'd read here previously that the Cutoff action will be initiated automatically, based on some sort of scheduled job. Is the same scheduled job behaviour occurring with automatic events too?

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