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online edit not working / small SP conn problem

Question asked by asenden on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by fvincenti

I hope I dont bother you with my question: I am a alfresco newbie and have installed 4.2 CE a few days ago.

Everything works perfecty fine except the "edit online" function of eg. word documents

When I click on "edit online" next to a docx document I thought the word 2010 application on my local PC should open, but nothing happens at all.

I have changed/added the 2 entries in the windows 7 registry about base authentification, I tried to open it IE as well.

I also can not see any errors in alfresco.log

Sharepoint connector also works when I try to save/open document by adding the sharepoint connector URL in the file name field of word 2010. Although folders that contain subfolders or files are empty

Here my 2 questions:

1) why is the "edit online" feature not working (not even word 2010 opens up) ? am I missing anything ?
2) why do folders that I try to open through the sharepoint connector are sometimes empty

Many thank for your help and suggestions in advance