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Question asked by carnold on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by rwetherall
Fresh install using the wizard on SLES11 SP2. This has to do with Alfresco Share and also configuration, so i post here.
I am trying to understand roles/permissions from and am a little confused. Here is the setup: a space is created and in this space are financials. There are some that i want to be able to view these files in the financial folder but there are some i dont want to see the files in the financial folder. Maybe i am thinking about this the wrong way but what do i assign to those that i dont want to see the files? When i say "see" the files, i mean i do not want them to be able to open, view, edit, take ownership etc. Nothing inside that folder but i want them to be able to do everything else.