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content type selection when uploading a document alfresco community edition 5.1

Question asked by frodriguezg on Feb 4, 2016
Hey there
I searched in this forum, issues add a combo with types of documents in the file upload, many talk about modifying files

another talk about modifying files

but none of these is a step by step explanation, I have also tested all these changes in an alfresco community edition 5, but do not work. The explanations I have read are about previous versions to 5 there are no elements that explain the various sites to be modified to operate, such as:
   Alfresco / tomcat / conf / context.xml
   change the context element as Follows:
   <Context useHttpOnly = "false">
in version 5 there is no such line.

I need help on how to make content type selection When uploading a document step by step. Finally whether you can limit a folder to contain a certain number of files, and creating rules that there is no "number of files" option

Thank you, excuse my English Google.