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Some suggestion about the training

Question asked by bisana on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2013 by samudaya
Other than the present trainings, trainings related for certification, there should be training method targeting to encourage developers. What I have in mind is that a training method in which the candidate join a set of training topics for a year, which has exersice and assignment. It should be from the basic. This topics should be aiming to build the skills needed for the candidate to contribute towards Alfresco development.

The present trainings are good for experienced people, they fullfill the objectives, what I am looking forward is kind of training/mnetoring to attract more Alfresco Code developers.

This posting is based on my experience, I really wanted to be a  code contributor, but I try and fail because I do not have the skills. I am novice in programming. If there was some training which help us with exersice and assignment, I would have tried it and by now I could have been more usefull

If you strart such kind of training method, it will attract more new commers to code contribution