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Alfresco Active-Active Configuration

Question asked by josh_barrett on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by josh_barrett
Our plan is to have Alfresco setup to take traffic in 2 seperate data centers.  Multiple portal products are talking to Alfresco via CMIS.  Alfresco is pretty much only accessed via CMIS.
In order to do this we need the files and DB to be replicated in each DC.
The DB replication in each DC will need be bidirectional using Oracle and GoldenGate.  From what I can see we are going to need to have different sequences on each DB.  Maybe set up the DB in data center 1 to use odd numbers in the sequence and data center 2 using even number.
We have NAS stoage where the files are being stored replicating.  We are also planning on configuring replicating file storage on the alfresco side with each data center having a local attached primary store and the secondary store from the other data center.  This should hopefully handle replication latency by checking if the document exists in its primary store when requested.  If it doesn’t exist it will retrieve the file from its secondary store and copy the file into its primary store. 

We are of course setting this up in our sandbox environment first but before we do I need to figure out answers to the following questions.
1.  Has anyone out there set Alfresco up in this manner before?  If so am I on the right path?

2.  Would it be ok for us to update the Oracle sequences on each DB? Would this in anyway void our licensing agreement.  We are using Alfresco 4.1.4 Enterprise, Oracle/GoldenGate, on SUSE Linux.
3.  Also are the GUIDs generated in the DB guaranteed to be unique?  If not we will have to configure GoldenGate to handle this collision.

4.  Can anyone think of anything else I may be missing?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.