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Assignee Constraint and not able to view all fields during Workflow

Question asked by intrinsic on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by intrinsic
Hello world,

I have 2 problems I am facing when deploying a workflow.
I am using Eclipse Juno with Activiti to create the workflows and I am deploying them into an Alfresco 4.2 Community version (on my laptop) for testing.
Problem 1
At the moment I have 4 steps in the workflow. startTask - reviewTask - approveTask - end
The information that is placed into startTask is visible in the reviewTask. I then have a few fields that the reviewer fills in. In the approveTask the fields from startTask are visible but the additional fields added during the reviewTask is not visible.
I am not sure what additional I need to add in order for the information to be captured and passed through. I have tried so many different ways I can but it always returns (none).

Problem 2
This is a bit more of an advanced setup which I believe is out of my capabilities but I was wondering if I could just get some more information about it. Is it possible to have a constraint list "ie:item1, item2, item3" then if the user who has started the workflow selects item1 in the list then it would be assigned to assignee1, if the user selects item2 then the workflow will be assigned to assignee2 and so forth.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance and if any additional information is needed please let me know.

Thank you