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alfresco database nuked

Question asked by farkerhaiku on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by farkerhaiku
While I have an enterprise license, I'm using community edition in order to be on the same page as Jeff Potts in all of his guides.  I was having trouble with a web script, so I went to enable WebScript logging.  Changed the value from "off" to "warn".  Stop and restart tomcat.  alfresco does not restart. 

Eventually I figure out that that all of the database information is now gone?  \d shows that there is No alfresco user?  No alfresco table?  Has anyone encountered anything like this before?  What the heck just happened?

I'm not that concerned about restoring my dev environment ultimately - I've been saving all my web scripts in my git repo and all my data is garbage data for testing.  What I am concerned about, is the possibility of losing all my production data.

Is there anyone here who can lay my mind at ease or should I take a step back and re-evaluate Alfresco?