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Scripts Executed by Rules Broken in 4.2.c?

Question asked by vamirr on Jan 31, 2013
I'm seeing an issue with scripts being executed by rules under a 4.2.c install.  

The script when executed in the explorer interface using Run Action -> Execute Script works correctly. 

However, if I execute the same script as a rule, the logging.log operations are not being seen in the log. Further, the email is not being sent.   I have no indication that the script is even being executed at all.

Would someone mind confirming this behavior for me?  I've tested this same code under an Enterprise 4.0.1 install and everything works as expected.

I created the rule through Share.  The rule itself is as simple as it gets:
When: Items are created or enter folder
Criteria: All Items
Perform Action: Execute 'sendemail.js' script

The test script is below:

logger.log("start script");

var mail = actions.create("mail"); = <my email address went here>;
mail.parameters.subject = "Test Email";
mail.parameters.from = <my email address went here>;
mail.parameters.text = "test email";
logger.log("end script");