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installing alfresco on eclispe

Question asked by priyankasoni on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by kaynezhang
Hi, I am installing alfresco on eclispe,
and Get Alfresco from SVN

create a directory called ALFRESCO_SVN into the directory workspaces of Eclipse

open Eclipse by selecting ALFRESCO_SVN as workspace directory

click : File > New > Project > SVN > Checkout Projects from SVN

choose “Create a new repository location” and use this URL : http;//

Select the alfresco folder and click Next

Choose : “Check out as a project in the workspace” and click finish

Here i try 5 0r 6 time while SVN checkout.. it goes on 89%. after that it syas checking out affresco  656.3Mb…….or more and Still in 89%
can u tell me how much data it take …or something wrong happen